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About The Artist

Riza Topal was born in a small village of Kurdistan, Turkey in 1934- at that time art was not considered a thing to do, but he was lucky enough to have a teacher who supported him and recognized his extraordinary talent.

He gave him the opportunity to use the schools’ atelier and material through which Riza developed his wide interests in art. He loved artworks from the renaissance and impressionism and taught himself the techniques.

When he started to dive into the world of art he eventually created an insatiable thirst for creative expression.

When he became a teacher he invented his own form, the so called ‚Akaism‘. He describes it as an influence of mesopotamic and egyptian art or icon art with a certain touch of myth.

He didn’t want to be limited in one art form, rather taking all the advantages from different
forms instead, trying traditional style, realism, surrealism, impressionism and later painting
abstract forms.

Topals techniques range from oil, watercolor, pastel, oil pastels, template work, plastic
modeling and mosaic work. His artworks show a great interplay of colors, shapes and
patterns, focussing on the balance and cohesion of the colors and patterns he uses.

Riza Topal is now 84 years old and still teeming with creative ideas ranging from art to
astronomy, philosophy and international literature, translating books by Wilhelm Busch into kurdish for example and even coming up with invention ideas in physical energy production through motion.

About Me

Name: Riza Topal

Age: 84

Location: Berlin/Germany

Born and raised in Dersim, Kurdistan.

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